Advance yoga: Yoga asanas Regulate internal organs, glandular functions and modify electrochemical activity in the nervous system. They also improve awareness, and prepare your mind/body for meditation.

Mind and body:

Yoga enhances the functioning of mind and body, stimulates internal organs, and regulates heart and kidney function. Yoga also increases concentration and memory. It removes toxins from the physical/mental level. It increases awareness and prepares body/mind for nonviolent, creative, cheerful and efficient living.


Please note that all the yoga postures and yoga techniques mentioned in this web site are to be practiced only after prior medical clearance, and under the supervision and guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.

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Awareness: Avoid advance yoga asanas If your body is inflexible or you have any medical problems. It is better to achieve flexibility through basic and intermediate asanas, before moving into the advance group. During advance asana practices you need to be more aware not to strain and damage your body.