Fun yoga: Only for kids!

According to vidic tradition at the age of 8 children were introduced to yoga techniques such as Surya Nasmaskar (salutation to the sun), Nadhi Shudhan Pranayamas. Yoga helps them overcome stress and fear from very early age. It increases creativity, concentration and memory power. It improves immunity and enhances physical/mental growth too. Yoga also it removes toxins from the physical/mental level. Stimulates internal organs, and regulates heart and kidney function and enhances the functioning of mind and body. It increases awareness and prepares body/mind for nonviolent, creative, cheerful and efficient living.

Yoga nidra:

It will be hard for children to do meditation, since it is hard for them to hold their attention for long. It is also hard for them to understand the importance of mantra. The best way for children to meditate is to engage their mind in visualization such as (nature, sound, creative story). Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) is very beneficial as it increases awareness, power of visualization and also to over come inner fears.

Please note that all the yoga postures and yoga techniques mentioned in this web site are to be practiced only after prior medical clearance, and under the supervision and guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.

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