There are many techniques in Hatha yoga for senior citizen to ensure health, flexibility and ability to enjoy the life.

Asana: Simple asanas (postures) such as pawan-mukhta anti-rheumatic and digestive group will increase flexibility, blood flow, reduces muscular tension, improves digestion, nerves and respiratory system efficiency, eliminate asthma, diabetes, migraine, lower back pain, high blood pressure and arthritis. Help to over come sleeplessness and stress.

Yoga Nidra: (Psychic sleep)An efficient and effective form of relaxation/meditation for complete psychological rest and rejuvenation. With the help of Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) we can attain uninterrupted sleep/relaxation by worries and tension. It is the best way to overcome psychological problem, reduce tension and high blood pressure.

Please note that all the yoga postures and yoga techniques mentioned in this web site are to be practiced only after prior medical clearance, and under the supervision and guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.

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Ajapa Japa meditation: Powerful at the same time easy, especially for beginners if your body is inflexible you can even meditate while sitting in a char or laying down. Ajapa japa (Meditation) has a direct effect on the nervous system through mental chanting of the Soham mantra with total awareness.

Pranayama: A group of scientific Breathing methods, Yogic breathing, Nadi shodhan, brahmari, shetali and shitkare prayanama help us to deepen the flow of pranic energies through the body. stimulate creative thinking, increase awareness, supply of oxygen to our brain and improve mental clarity, alter blood pressure and optimize body rhythms, balance the nervous system and eliminates tensions and create relax state of mind.