Students speak:


“Javad's ability to customize the class to every student's level of ability ...”

...My husband Marc and I have been attending Javad's class since August 2013 and love it! It's an amazing way to increase strength, flexibility and fitness in a fun and supportive environment. Javad's ability to customize the class to every student's level of ability and physical capacity is outstanding. I would highly recommend Javad's classes to anyone looking for a safe, enjoyable way to tackle musculoskeletal problems and to increase physical fitness. The class is also a great way to lessen stress and anxiety and improve overall mental health. With our busy schedules it helped us to feel more calm, relaxed, and able to tackle the day. We're so sad to be moving and will miss our classes with Javad immensely!”

Dr Christina Goldstein
Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“Yoga for Life ...”

...After 50 years of coaching football in the NFL, CFL and at American universities, and playing football at the University of Maryland, the Washington Redskins, the Ottawa Rough Riders and the US Air Force, it was time to retire. Over the years I have kept in shape playing handball, racquetball and golf. Now I began looking for something I could do for the rest of my life. I saw some things about yoga that looked interesting. One thing I read said that while yoga was great for the young it was also something you could do for life. I looked around, talked to a lot of people and found the person who I feel is right for me -Javad Khansalar. His background in India is most impressive. He is an excellent technical teacher and also a person with a good knowledge of the importance of the student's feelings. He does a good job of getting his point across ,at times with a little humor. I truly believe that yoga is something that will benefit me for the rest of my life. This is in both a physical and a mental way. There is always something to learn no matter what your 84 I am just getting started.-- ”

Coach Joe Moss
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“Yoga with javad gives me peace and energy...”

...My career as a glass artist with a very busy schedule certainly left me in a high energy state at all times. Yoga with Javad has made a huge difference in my ability to relax and be calm. This past year has been a challenge with Ovarian Cancer and chemo therapy. Java's attention to my individual needs both with and cancer and limitations from a broken hip have helped me to have a better quality of life both spiritually and physically. The classes are small and intimate with everyone's special needs met by Javad.”

Dr. Shirley M.Elford
Glass Artist,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“When two friends first brought me to one of Javad's yoga classes, I had had a stroke three years earlier which left me with both physical and cognitive limitations....”

...I had little hope of making further recovery and didn't expect to ever again feel as joyful, blessed, content as I had before my medical difficulties. However, within a few weeks of attending the class, I began to experience remarkable improvements physically and, even more important, mentally. Javad is a gifted teacher and in his classes, each student receives individual attention. Progress is guided with insight, compassion and an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and skill. He has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of stories from his many years in India and his joie de vivre is irresistible. The amount of class time spent laughing--not a prominent feature in any of the yoga classes I've been part of before--helps to foster the strong sense of camaraderie evident among his students. I am so very grateful to be part of this.”

Virginia Brisbin
Retired Teacher,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“I have been in Javad's classes for a few months, and feel a great improvement not only in my flexibility but in my spirits and ability to be joyfully aware of each moment. Very welcome!....”

...The classes have people of many backgrounds. Javad gives expert individual attention to each, no matter how handicapped or expert, with a few well-timed words - and also makes the entire class become like an organism where the we all are happy and at peace with each other.His extensive background experience, combined with his disarming lack of ego, makes for a beneficial class that seems beyond compare.
I came for strengthening, after my double hip replacement 6 years ago. I have tried many therapies for this already, and am very content with Javad's yoga and its many unexpected benefits.”

Anne Foerster
Associate Professor (Emeritus),
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences
McMaster University, Canada.


“What improvement yoga has brought to my quality of life!....”
“...As a fencer competing on an international level, I began taking classes with Javad as another means to improve my training regiment. Only a couple of months in so far and Yoga has proven to be a very useful, multi faceted tool for both training and life in general. Along with the expected physical benefits that came with greater flexibility, (quicker recovery time after training, strength in a greater range of motion, less chance of injury, etc.), I’ve found there to be equal if not greater psychological benefits. My level of concentration on and off the fencing piste has become greater and more consistent, while stress and anxiety have had less to do with my everyday life.  Working with Javad has so far been a very positive experience. His level of professionalism and knowledge combined with his light spirited way of motivating his students gives me the feeling of being in very good hands. Yoga has proven to be not only a means to improve performance in my endeavors, but an exiting and challenging journey on it’s own; one that I plan to pursue for years to come.”

Joshua John McGuire
Fencer, Cadet World Champion,
Junior World Bronze Medalist, Olympian
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“Javad takes an organic approach to yoga....”

...He is a responsive teacher who adjusts, challenges and supports. Students of all levels meet together and Javad tailors the practice to each one’s needs, while always mindful of the flow. Truly, through the combination of his wisdom, charm, empathy and skill, his classes have helped create a yoga community in Hamilton, one for which I am grateful.”

Sally C
Writer, College Professor
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“Practicing yoga offers me a respite from an otherwise unrelenting....” day of teaching, meetings and research. Javad is a patient and skilled instructor who offers consistent encouragement to all levels of learners. I appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience he brings to each session as he intuitively guides each individual to a deeper level of physical, mental and spiritual wholeness and wellness.”

Ruth C
Assistant Professor,
McMaster University School of Nursing, Canada.


"When I started attending classes with Javad, I had just experienced a terrible depression..."

"...that left me feeling weary and afraid. I knew that I needed to find a way to let go of the incapacitating fear that I felt, the desperate need to control, and the relentless demands of my ego; I just didn't know how. I certainly didn't think that yoga had anything to do with learning how to live a peaceful, happy life. Rather, I thought it would provide some flexibility, an opportunity to meet others, and most importantly, another distraction. The last thing I wanted to do was be alone with my thoughts.”

What I didn't expect was that Javad's teaching would shine a light on the darkness in my life. I quickly recognized that Javad was teaching not from a place of smallness, but from a place of tremendous strength that had nothing to do with ego. Javad teaches from a place of stillness and presence, which is what makes his teaching so transformative. Under his selfless tutelage, I have witnessed his students grow. As they fold into various asanas, their spirits unfold, bridging earth and sky. I too have experienced this unfolding. Yes, my flexibility has improved. But more than that, yoga has brought deep serenity and clarity of purpose to my life."

Sanja Savic

Multimedia Designer, e-Learning Developer
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“Javad was invited to introduce yoga to sixty young fencers....”

...Between the ages of eight and sixteen years at a training camp that is part of the Ontario Youth and Cadet Athlete Development Program . The response was very positive. The young athletes enjoyed the challenge of the training, presented by Javad with sensitivity and a great sense of humour.
Yoga teaches athletes to balance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of sport and life, and Javad approaches his teaching with compassion, humour, and respect, while challenging the individual students to reach their full potential. We will continue to offer Javad’s program to our young athletes and have begun to offer it to our High Performance athletes as well.”

June McGuire
Executive Director,
Ontario Fencing Association,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


“Javad is a nurturing, patient and generous person and teacher who inspires his students to explore themselves....”

...and their world through Yoga. No matter what the circumstances, he maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to his teaching that makes each student in his class feel as though he were speaking directly and only to them. Yoga with Javad is a unique experience. And I always leave feeling rested and restored. Yoga has reduced my stress levels and significantly improved my flexibility. Books are useful, but have their limitations. The subtleties of pranayama technique can only be learned from experienced teachers. I can’t imagine a better teacher than Javad. Through Yoga, Javad has taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life, while continually challenging and motivating me. But most importantly, he has taught me to live with compassion for myself and for others.”

Rohina Dhunjeebhoy
Toronto, Canada.


“I heard of yoga many years but did not have much clue about it until I participated in the yoga session provided by Mr. Javad Khansalar in decmber 2006 since then I love it....”

“...He has offered classes for the many staffs at my work at the London Cross Cultural Center and staffs really benefited it.
I still attend yoga session with Mr. Javad Khansalar at least twice a week. I discover that it helps me not only physically but also psychologically. I find more relaxed and peacful in my mind and specially it helps me over come my sleeping problem.”

Tam  Dam
Newcomer counsellor,
London Cross Cultural Learner Center, Canada.


Yoga has become my lifeline ever since I started doing it with Javad Khansalar seven years back....”

...It has helped me not only to keep my blood pressure in check... it has also helped me become stronger in the mind, more peaceful and more philosophical. Yoga increases the happiness quotient. Yoga is a way of life and I try to follow its principles to the extent I can.”

Nupur Basu
Journalist and Documentary Film maker,India.


“Javad kansalar has been working amongst a wide cross-section of people....”

...encouraging them to take on a progressively scientific approach towards life through yoga. He has been actively involved in teaching as well as research into the multi-faceted application of yoga for enhancing concentration at work, stress management, treatment of major ailments and ante and post natal pregnancy. Having being a student of javad's, i feel confident to recommend him to your organization with the hope that there would be many others who would stand to gain from exposure to javad's scientific approach to yoga and benefit in the long run.”

Mushumi Basu
Associate professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.


Javad Khansalar is a profound yoga teacher and healer....”

Julius Aib
Chief Instructor, Aikido, Australia.


Javad's yoga instruction is a wonderful blend of pushing the individual to go further....” their practice while at the same time allowing them to progress in the unique and natural way that each individual follows. He doesn't mimic superficial spiritual words, but in a deep way understands how the yoga practice develops the many dimensions of a whole person. And his approach to the class setting creates the happy, light-hearted seriousness that goes well with yoga. His instruction works well for those like myself just beginning and those who have practiced for some time.”

Warren Greving
HP Labs, China.


I am very appreciative for the insights and openings cultivated through practicing yoga....”

...with Javad. I have found that through Javad's guidance my own practice has shifted, expanded and deepened. Javad has brought together a like minded community and weaves together all of the elements of Hatha yoga for greater connectedness. It is through his commitment to the science that he is able to inspire his students, at all levels, to integrate yoga into their own daily lives. Learning yoga with Javad is an opportunity to begin or expand.”

Tracy Ann Curtis
An American citizen employed at Cisco Systems Inc, India.


I moved to India from the UK two years ago - before I came here I was a management....”

...consultant, now I am a housewife and full-time mother! I started doing yoga with Javad as soon as I moved to India, and continued with yoga during the whole 9 months of my first pregnancy. Doing yoga in pregnancy really helped me stay relaxed and stress-free, and increased my strength and flexibility. I'm sure my baby's contented and calm temperament is partly due to the relaxation techniques and meditation that I was taught! Since my baby was born, yoga has helped me improve my flexibility even further and regain my muscle strength and lose weight. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and find them a great way to unwind and start off my day on a really positive note. Thank you Javad!”

From United Kingdom.


I have been doing yoga with Javad for over seven years now. The best thing I can say....”

...about it is that I am as eager to attend his classes today as I was when I began. Yoga has been wonderful. However fit you are, and whatever else you do-gymming, running or even playing a good game of squash or tennis-yoga takes you to another level of fitness. Keeps you body and mind, supple and agile.

Yoga was especially beneficial to me during my pregnancy. I practiced yoga till the last stage, gained minimal weight and had an easy labor, if ever there is a phrase like that! The best part, I thought, was that yoga helped me bounce back faster post delivery. I was back at Javad's classes within a few weeks and things were back to normal pretty fast.”

Asha Rai
Deputy Resident Editor,The Economic Times (a prominent daily), India.


When I joined Javad's class about 2 years ago, I had high blood sugar ....”

...and was on medication. Within 3 months of yoga my sugar levels were stabilized and at the end of 15 months I was off medication.”

KR Harish
Chief Financial Officer Asia Operations, WorldSpace
India Pvt. Ltd.


It has been over three years since I started yoga with Javad Khansalar. It has been extremely ....”

...beneficial. I used to be in physiotherapy every other month. No longer. My body is stronger, and more supple. Yoga, also has given me a calmer mind, and inner strength. And of course my golf game has improved significantly. Thank you.”

Alok Malhotra
Managing Director (Indian subcontinent), Tommy Hilfiger
India. Ltd.


When I began Javad's class I had many health concerns, including stress, insomnia, and ....”

...digestive trouble. Within 3 weeks I was a new person, and felt that both my body and spirit were stronger than ever. I credit this shift to Javad's, who is the most knowledgeable and intuitive teacher I have ever met!”

New York City.


Through yoga, Javad gently and patiently pushes me to extend beyond....” own physical and mental limitations. This gives me a sense of freedom.”

Mirella Dottori
Molecular Biologist, Australia.


Javad made my time in India more fulfilling and happier, I lived in India for 9 months....”

...and I attended Javad's yoga class on a daily basis. In the UK I work in a stressful & pressurised environment and Javad taught me how to benefit from yoga physically and emotionally. My advancement in my flexibility and postures due to Javad's patience and encouragement enabled me to feel confident, calm and an all round happier person. When I think back on my time in India, my first thoughts are always on how much I enjoyed my morning yoga classes. Javad was a dedicated teacher who throughly motivated me to constantly develop and advance. I made many friends through the class and Javad has also became a dear friend that I miss. ”

Caroline O'Donnell
United Kingdom.


Please note that all the yoga postures and yoga techniques mentioned in this web site are to be practiced only after prior medical clearance, and under the supervision and guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.

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